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Sunday / June 23.
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HomeMiscellanyOpposition councillor vows to bring city hall rule-breaker Mayor Moonbeam back to Earth

Opposition councillor vows to bring city hall rule-breaker Mayor Moonbeam back to Earth


Bob Mackin

As Chris Isaak sang in “Wicked Game,” it’s strange what desire will make foolish people do. 

Vancouver Mayor Gregor “Moonbeam” Robertson promoted the new “Moon and Back” single by his girlfriend, Wanting Qu, on his Twitter account March 19. NPA Coun. George Affleck isn’t going to let him get away with it. 

Mayor pumps girlfriend’s career

Section 1.1 of the city’s employment code of conduct is plain and clear. Robertson put his heart ahead of his mind and his muse ahead of his constituents when he promoted Apple Music and Qu, the thirtysomething Olympic Village-dwelling Chinese citizen signed to French-owned Universal Music Group.  

Council officials… are keepers of the public trust and must uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour. Council officials… are expected to… be free from undue influence and not act, or appear to act, in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, family, friends or business interests.

“It was inappropriate and I will be pursuing it at council,” Affleck told theBreaker

Robertson did not respond to theBreaker. His spokeswoman Katie Robb said Robertson uses a “personal” Twitter account, to which Affleck scoffed. 

“Given that his Twitter handle is @MayorGregor, because of that he has significant followers,” Affleck said. “He has significant influence in the city with that title.”

Robertson’s first Tweet was Sept. 26, 2008, during his first Vision Vancouver campaign for mayor. What’s more, Robertson’s Twitter account links directly to city hall’s website and the purpose of the account, since fall 2008, is to communicate to the citizens of Vancouver that pay his bills. 

Robertson’s Twitter account is effectively taxpayer-funded because his public disclosure statements show that his only source of income is via city hall, the Metro Vancouver board and the TransLink board. 

This year, Robertson’s main gig at 12th and Cambie will pay him $168,748. According to the most-recent figures, TransLink paid Robertson $34,600 in 2015 and Metro Vancouver $4,667.