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Friday / June 21.
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Wing-Tung Ho was born in 1997, the year that the United Kingdom handed Hong Kong back to China. 

She studies in Taiwan, where she has organized mass-protests against Mainland China’s efforts to erode Hong Kong’s free economy, free press and rule of law. 

Hong Konger Wing-Tung Ho, a student activist in Taiwan, at the Hong Kong: Now What?! forum in Vancouver (Mackin)

“I don’t think the situation of Hong Kong or Taiwan is positive,” Ho said.

“One country, two systems is clearly a lie of China, Hong Kong people, or everyone else in the world, should not believe any promise from China.”

With protests reaching the six-month mark, Ho was in Vancouver Nov. 11-12 to speak to members of the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement and Canadian Friends of Hong Kong.

She sat down for an exclusive interview with Podcast host Bob Mackin, who asked about the escalating violence. Ho said Hong Kongers are afraid of police brutality and ultimately don’t want to let Beijing make their city the next Xinjiang or Tibet.  

“We have to show that we want to protect our people, we want to protect every protester on the streets, we want to protect every citizen,” Ho said.

“The protesters don’t have much weapons, all they have is some umbrellas, some fire. It can’t compare to the police.”

Meanwhile, the first anniversary of the revelation of the Scandal at the B.C. Legislature is Nov. 20.

Gary Lenz (left), ex-speaker Linda Reid and Craig James (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association)

On that day, in 2018, lawmakers voted unanimously to immediately suspend Clerk Craig James and Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz. James and Lenz were walked off the property. Within hours, British Columbians learned that the RCMP had been investigating for several months and two special prosecutors had been appointed.

But, in a bizarre twist, the opposition BC Liberals and some of their allies in the press gallery targeted the whistleblowers, Speaker Darryl Plecas and Chief of Staff Alan Mullen. In late January, Plecas released a report through the Legislative Assembly Management Committee that shed light on the years of corruption that cost taxpayers in the millions of dollars.

One year later, separate investigations found James committed misconduct and Lenz in breach of duty. Despite claiming their innocence and demanding their jobs back, they both retired in disgrace.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues and special prosecutors are pondering charges. British Columbians are waiting for the NDP government to deliver promised integrity measures, such as adding the Legislature to the freedom of information law.

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