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Sunday / June 23.
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Revealed: AggregateIQ contracts and correspondence


Bob Mackin

On March 24, AggregateIQ, the Victoria firm described by whistleblower Christopher Wylie as a “franchise” of Cambridge Analytica, published this statement on its website:

AggregateIQ is a digital advertising, web and software development company based in Canada. It is and has always been 100% Canadian owned and operated. AggregateIQ has never been and is not a part of Cambridge Analytica or SCL. Aggregate IQ has never entered into a contract with Cambridge Analytica. Chris Wylie has never been employed by AggregateIQ.

AggregateIQ works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where it operates. It has never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity. All work AggregateIQ does for each client is kept separate from every other client.

When he testified before a House of Commons committee in London on March 27, Wylie, who hails from Victoria, called those “weasel words” that were “technically true.”

Read the documents below and you will very likely agree.

Documents include: a list of AIQ’s key team members — CEO and project manager Zack Massingham, director and project technical lead Jeff Silvester, database administrator Christopher Shannon, and developers Koji Pourseyed and Taylor Leigh (page 9); a $575,000 services agreement between Cambridge Analytica – SCL Elections Ltd. and AIQ for the design and development of the Ripon engagement platform system for the Republican Party (page 10); an email from Massingham to Wylie (page 30); a US$200,000 contract between SCL Elections and AIQ for a project in Trinidad and Tobago (page 31); intellectual property license agreeement (page 60); technology subscription agreement between Dr. Aleksandr Kogan’s Global Science Research Ltd. and Alexander Nix’s SCL (page 67); a confidential memo to Rebekah Mercer, Steve Bannon and Alexander Nix (page 88). 

U.K. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham and British Columbia’s Acting Commissioner Drew McArthur are separately investigating AIQ, which performed work for the B.C. Green Party in 2016 and the failed BC Liberal leadership campaign of ex-Transportation Minister Todd Stone in 2018.

McArthur’s deputy and B.C.’s incoming information and privacy commissioner, Michael McEvoy, was seconded last September from the B.C. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to work with Denham on the U.K. investigation. 

Neither Massingham nor Silvester have responded to theBreaker’s requests for comment. 

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Chris Wylie Written evidence.pdf by BobMackin on Scribd