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Sunday / June 23.
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HomeBusinessPro-Beijing group based in Richmond targets reporter after link exposed to illegal Toronto casino

Pro-Beijing group based in Richmond targets reporter after link exposed to illegal Toronto casino


Bob Mackin

A Richmond-based group aligned with the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front says it “will take relevant legal measures” if an Ottawa-based journalist does not apologize.

Han Changfu (left) and Zaixin Ma (TVCN)

Han Changfu of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations  said during an Oct. 30 news conference for Chinese-language media at Lipont Place in Richmond that his “caring and charitable group” was “discredited” by Global News’ Sam Cooper.

Cooper reported Oct. 26 that Yongtao Chen of CACA is a partner in a Markham, Ont. hotel business with Wei Wei, who was charged with running an illegal casino in a $10 million mansion near Toronto.

Wei attended the August 2018 ceremony in Vancouver where Chen was installed as CACA chairman. Chen traveled in 2018 and 2019 to Beijing to attend People’s Republic of China government events, including the 70th anniversary of CCP rule.

Chen did not attend the Oct. 30 news conference. His successor, Wei Reimin, was one of the three speakers.

A report on quoted Zaixin Ma, publisher of Dawa Business Press. Ma, a former reporter with the CCP organ People’s Daily, denied connections to the Chinese government and claimed Cooper stigmatized the Chinese community.

Yongtao Chen (left) and Hilbert Yiu (right) at China’s 70th anniversary celebration in Beijing.

In 2016, Ma coordinated CACA’s controversial Chinese national day flag-raising event at Vancouver city hall Attendees included the PRC’s consul general Liu Fei. The Chinese national anthem was sung and dignitaries were given scarves like those worn by Mao Zedong’s Young Pioneers from the deadly Cultural Revolution.

A story about the Oct. 30 event on the Global Chinese Network website,, said there is no timetable for filing a lawsuit. “It needs to be discussed with a lawyer.”

In May, two Royal Pacific Realty real estate agents incorporated a society called Maple Leafs Anti-Racism Actions Association to raise money for a lawsuit after Cooper reported April 30 story about CCP allies in Canada helping Beijing hoard coronavirus pandemic medical supplies and manipulate the global market for masks, gloves and other supplies. MLARA has yet to file a claim. revealed that a CACA ally, Maria Xu, used the WeChat group for Liberal digital government minister Joyce Murray to promote the MLARA fundraising campaign.

An Australian think tank report, called The Party Speaks For You: Foreign Interference and the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front System, describes how United Front affiliates in several western countries, including Canada, hoarded PPE for export to China early this year and later donated supplies to promote the CCP’s pandemic narratives.

Van spotted outside CACA event Oct. 30 was the same one at the Sept. 18 shooting in a Japanese restaurant.

“The United Front system’s reach beyond the borders of the People’s Republic of China—such as into foreign political parties, diaspora communities and multinational corporations—is an exportation of the CCP’s political system,” said the report by Alex Joske. “This undermines social cohesion, exacerbates racial tension, influences politics, harms media integrity, facilitates espionage, and increases unsupervised technology transfer.”

The CACA news conference happened at the end of the first week of witness testimony in the Cullen Commission public inquiry on money laundering in B.C. The focus of the opening week was money laundering in casinos, particularly Richmond’s River Rock. Real estate and luxury cars are on the inquiry’s agenda later this fall.

Meanwhile, a vehicle parked outside the Oct. 30 venue was the same black Mercedes Metris that was photographed behind crime scene tape after a Sept. 18 crime scene in Richmond.

Silver International underground banker Jian Jun Zhu died of gunshot wounds at the Manzo Japanese restaurant. Paul King Jin, an accused money launderer, suffered facial cuts from bullet-shattered glass. The van was also used in an ad for Blackcore Security and Investigations, a company incorporated last spring by Jin’s son.

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