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Thursday / February 22.
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Even in resignation, Christy Clark did it her way


Bob Mackin

The 35th Premier of British Columbia from March 14, 2011 to July 18, 2017 shocked the province just a week and a half into her new role as opposition leader. 

Christy Clark quit the helm of the B.C. Liberal Party and MLA for Kelowna West on July 28. 

The Dunbar resident had vowed to remain as opposition leader against NDP Premier John Horgan, who held a narrow, one-seat edge with the help of the Green Party. But, as theBreaker exclusively reported on July 14, a mutiny was brewing. Clark was blamed for her party’s loss of its majority status on the May 9 election day. That  led to the June 29 no confidence vote and the end of the 16-year BC Liberal dynasty. 

A party source told theBreaker that Clark no longer felt wanted by caucus and was tired of being blamed. So she chose to quit. Horgan’s horde will have a two-seat cushion, at least until a by-election is called to replace Clark. Expect a leadership convention early in the new year. 

Clark’s resignation was delivered to party members and media by email, Twitter and Facebook on the last Friday of July. Nicknamed “Premier Photo Op,” Clark did not go before cameras to deliver the news.

theBreaker presents theBreakerVision compares Clark’s two-step resignation with those political leaders before her, who quit as premier and leader simultaneously: Bill Vander Zalm (Fantasy Gardens conflict of interest scandal), Mike Harcourt (Bingogate), Glen Clark (Casinogate), and Gordon Campbell (HST)