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Sunday / May 26.
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Fact check: How many Vancouver city council members are fully vaccinated?


Bob Mackin

Vancouver City Manager Paul Mochrie announced a vaccine mandate for civic workers on Oct. 18.

They must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 6 or they won’t be permitted in the workplace.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s first dose in May 2021 (Twitter/Kennedy Stewart)

The detailed policy is under development, but Mochrie’s announcement said those that require an exemption will be accommodated.

The vaccine mandate does not apply to the Mayor and 10 councillors.

Nonetheless, on Oct. 19, they issued a joint statement headlined: “City Council confirms all members are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Following yesterday’s announcement that the City of Vancouver will require all City staff be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 6, 2021, the members of Vancouver City Council are confirming they are all already fully vaccinated.

As elected officials are not subject to the same employment terms as City employees, the new staff policy does not apply to members of Council. Notwithstanding, all members of Council want to assure members of the public that they are voluntarily following the intent of the policy, as well as advice from public health. wanted to know whether that is true. All council members were contacted by email with two questions:

  • Where and when did you receive the vaccination? (Dates and places, please). 
  • Will you provide me your proof of vaccination? (Subject to reasonable redaction to protect personal information). 

Three councillors did not reply. But five showed proof of full vaccination. Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s spokesman only provided proof of partial vaccination.

Got the shot

Four Vancouver city councillors provided proof of vaccination (submitted)

Coun. Colleen Hardwick (TEAM for a Livable Vancouver) and Jean Swanson (COPE) were the only two to show copies of the Immunize BC cards provided to them at the vaccine clinics.

Hardwick’s shots were April 22 and June 30, Swanson’s April 1 and June 23.

Coun. Melissa De Genova (NPA) said she received hers at VCC East May 10 and July 25, and provided a copy of the BC Vaccine Card obtained Oct. 20.

Coun. Lisa Dominato (Ind.) said she received hers May 12 and July 9 at the Vancouver Community College, and provided a copy of the BC Vaccine Card, obtained Sept. 12.

Coun. Pete Fry (Green) said he had his May 11 and June 14 in Vancouver, and showed a Sept. 7-issued BC Vaccine Card.

Stewart’s spokesman Alvin Singh provided a May 14 Tweet showing Stewart getting the jab at the Vancouver Convention Centre East. But he did not provide information about a second dose.

She said, she said

Coun. Rebecca Bligh (Ind.) said she received her doses in May and the end of June.

Coun. Sarah Kirby-Yung (Ind.) said she received hers in May at Killarney and July at Vancouver Tech.

No reply

Green Councillors Adriane Carr and Michael Wiebe and OneCity Coun. Christine Boyle did not reply.

Question: Are all members of Vancouver city council fully vaccinated?
Fact Check Status: Unproven

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