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Thursday / April 25.
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More changes to come in Mayor Moonbeam’s universe? 


Bob Mackin

Gregor Robertson is the mayor of splitsville again. 

One day after the third anniversary of confirming he broke up with wife of 30 years, Amy, the Vancouver mayor’s office admitted to the South China Morning Post that he was no longer in a relationship with girlfriend Wanting Qu. 

The 52-year-old mayor and 33-year-old Chinese pop singer (whose civil servant mother, Qu Zhang Mingjie, may be sentenced to death for real estate corruption in China) were said to have broken-up in May.  

Cracks in their relationship were evident in late January, during Lunar New Year, when Qu posted a photograph of a flowerless plant on a black background, with lines from a James Bay breakup song on her Instagram page. During Lunar New Year in 2016, Qu posted a photo of the smiling couple with Year of the Monkey greetings in English and Chinese. 

Qu traveled frequently with Robertson while he was on civic business, including the Vatican and Paris climate party in 2015. They maintained separate residences, Robertson in a renovated Alexandra Park penthouse (which he shows-off in the current edition of upscale Montecristo magazine) and Qu in an Olympic Village condo. 

They were seen together March 12 after the Canada Sevens rugby closing ceremony. A week later, on March 19, Robertson committed apparent conflict of interest by using his @MayorGregor Twitter account to promote the Apple Music release of Qu’s “Moon and Back” single — contrary to city hall’s code of conduct. 

NPA Coun. George Affleck confronted Robertson during question period at the end of the March 28 city council meeting, where Robertson oddly distanced himself from Qu.

Affleck referred to Qu as Robertson’s “partner in life,” to which Robertson responded: “I don’t have a life partner at this point, just to be clear on that front. The Tweet was really also an opportunity to listen to a Vancouver singer-songwriter’s new song.” (Oxford defines life partner as “a person with whom one is in a long-term monogamous relationship.” Robertson and Qu began dating in summer 2014.)

Robertson and Qu at Canada Sevens (Mackin)

The news overshadowed the July 4 resignation of Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs to become Premier-designate John Horgan’s chief of staff. 

Could the by-election to replace Meggs, that Robertson said is expected in mid-October, fill a soon-to-be-announced second vacancy on city council? 

A source informed theBreaker that Robertson is in the running for a position with the Canada Infrastructure Bank. The new $35 billion, Liberal government Crown corporation will finance infrastructure projects with provincial, territorial, municipal and private partners. Robertson has been on the lookout for a federal gig since 2015, when he threw city hall support behind Justin Trudeau’s winning campaign.

Former Royal Bank of Canada chief administrative and financial officer Janice Fukakusa was named chair on July 6, a job that pays $85,000 to $100,000 a year. The Privy Council Office accepted board applications until June 30. CEO candidates have until July 21 to apply. 

Between eight and 11 directors will sit on the board and they are expected to commit at least 25 days a year. Senior executives and board members must not be employed by another government, which would mean Robertson could not continue as mayor. 

Robertson spokeswoman Katie Robb denied he was a candidate. 

“Mayor Robertson has not been in discussions regarding a position with the Canada Infrastructure Bank,” Robb told theBreaker

Meanwhile, the domain is back on the block. 

It was registered Feb. 16, 2016 for one year. Last summer, Robb denied that Robertson had registered the domain, but did not answer whether any effort was made to investigate who had registered it or whether Robertson would contest the registration. Vancouver’s mayor is, by far, the most famous person named Gregor Robertson in Canada.  

His domain redirects to the Vision Vancouver website. It was registered in early 2007.