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Monday / June 17.
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The moment that 2016 became 2017, the button was pushed to launch theBreaker, your fresh source for news, opinion and analysis of British Columbia issues, institutions and influencers. 

Now, one year and 279 stories later, it is time to celebrate with the latest podcast and thank you for reading. 

In the first anniversary edition of Podcast, host Bob Mackin counts down theBreaker’s 10 most-popular stories of 2017. Many were related to the epic 2017 B.C. provincial election and its aftermath. 

theBreaker broke these stories: 

  • Laura Miller’s June 13 resignation from the BC Liberal Party. 
  • The secret, 15-minute BC Hydro board meeting on the eve of the election campaign to rubber stamp an increase for the Peace River Hydro Partners’ main civil works contract. 
  • The discovery in the Paradise Papers of B.C. Investment Management Corporation’s investment in Bermuda-listed China Homes Ltd. 
  • The dead KPMG executive who was “donating” to the BC Liberals for years after his cancer death. 
  • The 20-acre East Richmond farm assessed for less than $85,000 that sold for $9.2 million to a Chinese investor. 
  • The BC Liberal election post-mortem that heaped blame on Christy Clark.
  • Patronage appointee Gordon Wilson’s $600-a-day LNG cheerleading gig. 
  • A consultant’s damning report on Nanaimo Regional General Hospital mismanagement. 
  • The mystery around who really owns Clark’s Dunbar dwelling. 
  • And the inside story of the pivotal Penticton caucus retreat, where Darryl Plecas stood up to Clark, who subsequently quit politics. 

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Happy New Year and enjoy the first anniversary podcast! Podcast Podcast Podcast 1st Anniversary Edition: Happy New Year!