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Friday / June 21.
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HomeMiscellany“Slumlords” aiming to be marijuana magnates

“Slumlords” aiming to be marijuana magnates


Bob Mackin

Activists with the Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society are urging Vancouver city hall’s board of variance to just say no to a pot proprietor linked to a family they call “slumlords.”

Herban Legends wants city hall to excuse it from the 300 metre bubble zone around schools, so it can operate a “medical” (cough, cough) marijuana store on 3038 Arbutus. York House’s junior and senior kindergarten is located just 260 metres away at 3274 East Boulevard.

The company’s 2016  submission for a development permit and business licence (below) said it would be managed by Saggu Singh of Surrey, a hotel manager who claimed a “long and distinguished career in the military.” The document does not say for which force or country.

Herban Legends is really backed by the Sahota clan, well-known Downtown Eastside welfare hotel owners with a $130 million real estate portfolio. They also own the Sunshine Coast Cannabis Farm.

After years of doing nothing, Vancouver city hall finally shut down the Sahotas’ Balmoral Hotel near Main and Hastings. The 150 residents were relocated from the decrepit 105-year-old building which engineers deemed a risk to collapse. 

3028 Arbutus – Operational Letter & Dwgs by BobMackin on Scribd