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Friday / June 21.
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You Otter see this


Bob MackinMoonbeam GoT

Two youths (go ahead, say it like Joe Pesci did in “My Cousin Vinny”) almost got away with riding the exterior of the SeaBus on Sept. 30.

North Vancouver RCMP arrested them and recommended mischief charges after the southbound Burrard Otter was forced to turn back when one of the attendants noticed them.

Attendant Liz Forster’s incident report said she saw red and black on the outside back deck at 6:32 p.m. as the Otter departed Lonsdale Quay. Forster wrote that she went to the office and radioed the boat to return to the dock, as the red and black was “a person on the deck lying down.”

A third person was inside the vessel, seen using his cell phone to record the other two.
Upon disembarking, “The persons were cocky and made remarks like, ‘what are you upset about. If we fell in, it’s only water.’”

North Vancouver RCMP officers arrived at 7:10 p.m. and the two who were on the deck claimed they had no identification. They were arrested, handcuffed and led up the ramp.

“The other boy filmed this. I asked if this was for YouTube and he said no for my personal use. He boarded the boat and departed.”

TransLink released 25 still images from the CCTV footage, in response to a freedom of information request. Podcast Podcast
You Otter see this