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Thursday / April 18.
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thePodcast: Terry Glavin on Trudeau’s China crisis

For the week of March 5, 2023: 

It is the biggest political scandal out of Ottawa in 2023, so far.

Terry Glavin (Twitter)

A leaked report from Canada’s spy agency confirms China’s government meddled in Canada’s last two federal elections, helping flip two Richmond ridings from the Conservatives to the Liberals. 

Conservative and NDP members on a House of Commons committee want a public inquiry. Liberal members don’t. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inner circle are bobbing and weaving, deflecting and denying. What did he know and when did he know it? 

Terry Glavin, National Post columnist and The Real Story Substack publisher, joins host Bob Mackin on this week’s edition of thePodcast to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s influence over Canada’s so-called “natural governing party.” 

“He’s clearly hiding something, and what he’s hiding is that the Liberal Party in the Chinese communities and the United Front hierarchy, the Mandarin bloc, is the same thing,” Glavin said. “It’s one and the same.”

Has Canada reached the tipping point with Xi Jinping’s China? What next? Listen to the full interview. 

Plus commentary and Pacific Northwest and Pacific Rim headlines.

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thePodcast: Terry Glavin on Trudeau's China crisis