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Wednesday / April 24.
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is criss-crossing the nation on the taxpayer dime to campaign for the re-election of the Liberal government, before the official election period is declared.

Special attention is being paid to British Columbia, which Trudeau often calls his “second home.” (He lives in Ottawa, the capital, and represents the Papineau riding in Montreal.) The Liberals are in jeopardy of losing seats on the West Coast.

Justin Trudeau on July 29 in Vancouver (Mackin)

Soft NDP and Conservative voters who parked their votes with Liberal candidates in 2015 are likely to abandon the Liberals this October after broken Trudeau promises on the environment and economy. Not to mention his failure to reform the electoral system, balance the budget and implement a “disclosure by default” system of access to information. Then there is the litany of scandals with fundraisers and lobbyists and the SNC-Lavalin scandal that dominated national news for the entire first quarter of 2019. 

Trudeau and his entourage have traveled on a $14,000-an-hour government jet to and from B.C. six times since late May, including B.C. Day long weekend for the Vancouver Pride Parade and a cash-for-access fundraiser in Surrey. In June, Trudeau made a one-day trip to Burnaby, B.C. for photo ops, returned to Ottawa the next day, and turned around and headed all the way back to Vancouver for the Women Deliver feminist conference.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberal government has imposed carbon taxes on several provinces, vowed to ban single-use plastics and committed the Government of Canada to billions of dollars of spending to battle climate change at home and abroad. Yet Trudeau is accelerating his exhaust-spewing travel during the pre-election barbecue season in a bid to raise more dough and rally the Liberal troops in order to cling to power.

On July 29, Podcast host Bob Mackin confronted Trudeau with questions about his travel at a photo op in Vancouver.

Why isn’t the Liberal Party picking up the bill? On this edition of Podcast, hear what Trudeau had to say to that and the questions of other reporters on other topics.

Plus, Pacific Northwest and Pacific Rim headlines and commentaries.

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